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Take advantage of a fast registration before June 15th.
A 10% surcharge will be applied afterwards.

  • Your registration will be final upon receipt of your payment.
  • The fee includes: access to the congress, catering, sightseeing, gala dinner, proceedings, Ascona book … and guaranteed good mood.
  • If still necessary, a Covid safe pass will be required.

Choice of Balint Group and of Workshop

During the congress you will be able to attend five Balint Group sessions in one chosen format and one Workshop. 

Various languages will be available for the Balint Groups (see below). The Workshops will be held in English. 

After receipt of your subscription, we will give you the opportunity to indicate your preferences of Balint Group format, workshop and language and we will do our utmost to accommodate your choice. The final allocation will depend on the number of participants in each category.

This Congress offers the unique opportunity to choose between four Balint Group formats:

  1. Classic Balint Group (CBG) :

Here, the language of words is the means for exchanging ideas. Everyone is allowed to express thoughts, fantasies and emotions after listening to the presenter. Gradually, hypotheses and exchanges in the group make the situation more intelligible.

Languages: English, French, German, Dutch

  1. Psychodrama Balint Group (PBG) :

The Balint psychodrama group differs from the classic Balint group in that its means of expression is based on integration of principle of psychoanalytic psychodrama.

The presenting participant is not only requested to present the case but also to recall and enact moments of encounters with the patient. This is done with the help of the facilitators and other group members. This recollection of a professional situation and its enacting allow for a new and often surprising exploration of the conscious and unconscious emotional aspects of the caregiver – patient relationship which may pose problems for the presenter and question his/her professional identity.

Languages: English, French

  1. Balint Sculpture Group (BSG) :

Creating a sculpture is a well-known technique in family therapy: it will be the method used to understand the dynamics going on in the caregiver-patient relationship. 

Group participants will represent the doctor, the patient and other persons or subjects who may have influenced the caregiver-patient relationship. This may include the hospital, the healthcare system, colleagues, the patient’s family, his job, the illness itself, etc. All these influences, persons and their environment are put on stage. This gives a systemic view of the whole process and its dynamics. The representatives in the sculpture express their emotions which arise on stage.

Sculpturing enables the case-presenter to visualise all this information and to understand better what is going on between him/her and the patient.  

Language: English

  1. Training Leadership Group (TLG) :

This group is reserved for leaders in training and allows participants who want to improve their leadership skills to meet leaders from all over the world.

Language: English


You will be able to choose a workshop among these five proposals:

  1. The working group for educators – is it Balint?
  2. Balint 2.0 and its ongoing relevance
  3. Pro Bono Balint groups in healthcare systems
  4. Cultivating empathy within Balint groups in undergraduate education
  5. Kissing under the waterfall – the intimacy and variety of supervision

Bursary applicants

Bursary winners will be notified by the IBF board at the latest by May 23rd.  

All winners will be accommodated at the Chant d’Oiseau (congress venue) for free. An all-inclusive fee of 200 EUR will have to be paid by May 30th. Winners will receive an invitation to pay together with the IBF notification of the bursary acceptance.   

Failure to pay by the deadline may lead to the bursary being passed on to someone on the waiting list.

The cancellation policy below applies to bursary winners.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by a delegate:

  • Cancellations reported and motivated before August 1st are eligible for 100% refund.
  • Cancellations reported and motivated between August 1st and August 16th are eligible for 50% refund.
  • There will be no refund for cancellations made after August 16th

You are requested to submit your cancellation and request for refund by e-mail to the secretariat ( and you will be refunded on the bank account used for your registration.

Any refund of expenses other than the registration fee, for instance flights and accommodation, will need to be addressed separately by yourself.

An administration fee of 25 EUR will be charged for every refund.

Cancellation by the Balint Society

In the unlikely event of the Balint Society having to cancel the congress, the registration fee will be refunded in full.

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